Halloween-Inspired: Tuscany, Marella, and Calzedonia

I have to say I am a most avid fan of two things: 1) elbow patchwork 2) halloween. This outfit combines both with gorgeous tones of orange, supple Tuscan leather, and butterscotch elbow patches on a button-up that is way too soft for words. Both the leather purse and cardigan are of Marella’s Italian Collection, and the spook-spider leggings in black are of Calzedonia. All materials and designs have been done in Italy. A Halloween of mandarine cashmere and baby wool? I’m there.
Price points:
Marella Leather Purse: Sold (100% Free International Shipping)
Marella Cashmere-Wool Patchwork Cardigan: $169 (100% Free International Shipping)
Calzedonia Spider Spook Leggings: $29 (100% Free International Shipping)
As always, 1 in stock, 1 chance. Hand-picked in Tuscany, Italy. Request.
Good luck,

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